Relocation Services UAE 

With Allied Pickfords, you will benefit from the extensive resource network of our parent company SIRVA Inc., the leading worldwide provider of company relocation services and moving solutions.

Delivering services in more than 200 countries, including the UAE, and providing more than 300,000 relocations per year to companies, government employees, and individual consumers, SIRVA can deliver superior corporate relocation programs customized for you.

As the leading relocation service for expats in the UAE, particularly Dubai and Abu Dhabi, SIRVA is the UAE’s most trusted relocation company, moving individuals and families safely abroad.

UAE Employee Relocation Services

The process of employee relocation depends on whether an individual employee is being relocated to Dubai, relocated from Abu Dhabi elsewhere, or if an employee and their family are being relocated together.

Our relocation services extend to:

●      Immigration assistance

●      Arranging work visas and permits

●      Home search and accommodation arrangements

●      School searches

●      Language and cultural training, and more.

Individual & Family Relocation 

Perhaps you are relocating to Dubai or Abu Dhabi for work, relocating with your family, or moving for personal reasons.

Relocating to another country can be a daunting experience, filled with the unknown.

This is where SIRVA can take the stress away. The extensive relocation services we offer help to make your transition a smooth one, ensuring individuals and families settle into their new home swiftly.

Vehicle Relocation 

The tedious task of selling and buying a vehicle because of a relocation is no longer an issue when relocating with Allied Pickfords UAE and SIRVA.

Our vehicle relocation service simply relocates your vehicle so you can arrive at your new home with a vehicle ready to drive.

Pet Relocation 

Pet owners see their four legged friends as part of the family. Pets provide us with unconditional love and comfort, therefore one of the hardest parts of relocating is the thought of leaving your beloved pet behind. It can be heartbreaking.

Allied Pickfords UAE & SIRVA take the heartache away. Our pet relocation service enables your family pet to relocate with you! This makes settling in to your new location much happier for both of you.

Find Out More 

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