Can Moving Companies Disassemble and Reassemble Furniture?


If there is one thing everyone dreads about moving, it’s having to transport your heavy furniture. Anything you can’t fold or fit in a small box or carry without dismantling its parts is tough enough, when you have an entire household full of possessions. One way to make this part of the moving process much easier is to seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced United Arab Emirates moving company. Plan ahead by making a timeline of your move and tick off each project as you complete that part of your move preparation.

One big question for a lot of households is whether you should disassemble your furniture before the relocation starts. Many people actually dream about finding a UAE removalist that will dismantle then reassemble furniture at your new residence, taking away much of the fiddly and arduous work.

Moving Heavy Items in the UAE

Relocation has become a common necessity in all parts of the UAE, due to a variety of reasons that relate to both work and personal needs. There will always be new opportunities in other Emirates or better value for money accommodation in another neighbourhood. That is why relocating has become a booming business in the UAE.

When moving, most people are concerned by bulky and preassembled furniture. Knowing whether moving companies can help with the dismantling and reconstruction can often be an important factor in the selection of your UAE removalist.

Technically, moving companies can disassemble and reassemble your furniture. However, not all movers will offer this added value or they may charge prohibitive fees for the service. Be wary that most moving companies will follow a general rule: they will only reassemble what they have dismantled. Others will agree to do it for new furniture only, which is still in its flatpack but it is best to check with your moving consultant first.

Consider the Cost

If you are moving locally in the Emirates, you are likely to be charged hourly by your mover. Assembly and dismantling might mean longer work hours, thus adding further costs to your move. This is the time to ask yourself if you are willing to pay for the extra service or is it better to do it yourself.

It is also important to ask your moving consultants if there are exceptions to what they will take apart. As a rule of the thumb, your UAE movers will normally avoid anything that has been glued or nailed together. Picture frames, mirrors, paintings and wall hangings will be packed but will not be hanged in your new premises.

When it comes to home appliances, most moving companies will not agree to disconnect and reconnect them for you. A washing machine is a good example. Check with your moving consultant if they would do this or you, otherwise, you could hire a plumber, handyman or do it yourself. The best thing to do is to list all your moving questions before asking your movers to estimate the moving cost.

Contact the Professionals

Reliable global moving companies like Allied will see to it that all your questions regarding your move are answered directly. That is why we assign a personal moving consultant to personally help each client.  They will guide you through the preparation, disassembly, packing, unpacking and reassembly. Allied guarantees a safe and smooth moving that is tailored to your needs.

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