Consider Downtime When Choosing an Office Mover in Dubai

Is your company expanding? Are you looking to move to a more strategic location? Moving to a bigger office or a more practical venue requires a lot of planning. For an efficient relocation, you’ll need to hire experienced office movers, such as Allied Pickfords UAE, to help save money by reducing your business’s downtime.

Choose the Right Moving Company to Cut Your Office Downtime

Time is essential to business owners.  Time means money and office downtime can lead to unnecessary cost impacts. There are a lot of office movers in Dubai but Allied Pickfords has proven its competence time and time again and can guarantee to minimise work interruption.
When choosing a reliable office mover, you’ll need to ask...

1.    Do they have the right equipment, proper storage, and insurance?

You would probably see a lot of individuals from small moving businesses scattered around the streets of Dubai. Some may sit and wait on the sidewalks for your custom. They are likely to be cheaper but definitely not worth the risk when you look at the big picture. An efficient moving company uses the right equipment for the right purposes. They will pack, load, transport and unpack using sturdy containers and crates. Additionally, they will provide a proper storage facility for all your furniture and files should there be a delay before moving to your new premises. Reliable moving companies also offer insurance for your assets, to cover any potential damage or loss. Allied Pickfords has a high record of seamless office moves in the United Arab Emirates, whereby damage and loss have not been a factor.

2.    How experienced is your Dubai office mover?

Hiring professional office movers that are accredited in the mobility industry and have proven experience is crucial, especially in a corporate situation whereby confidentiality of sensitive staff and company information is paramount. 

One of the most important concerns during a move is ensuring the efficiency of your IT system. Make sure that the movers will assist you in the effective reconnection of your servers. This will lower the risk of productivity loss. 

Allied Pickfords has been known to deliver quality service for centuries. Our employees are multi-lingual and well-trained to deliver an efficient move. We provide our customers with a personal moving consultant, who you can communicate with before, during and after the move. 

3.    What is the mover’s rating and customer feedback?

A capable moving company is more than just the equipment used and the procedures followed. It extends to its customer satisfaction. Pay a visit to Allied Pickford’s website to check its client evaluation and ratings. Customer feedback is a great way to gauge the user experience and to determine if you, too, will be satisfied with the mover’s service. 

As office relocation is operationally complex, having office movers that are experienced in business relocations in the UAE will help to reduce issues with loss of productivity as they can pack down and set up your entire office much more efficiently. The key to an effective transition will always be proper planning. Select a precise timeline and follow a checklist to further avoid the interruption to your operations.

Visit Allied Pickfords UAE to start planning your commercial move. Our consultants will help you with the requirements to safeguard your move.


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