Long-Term Storage Options in Dubai

long-term self storage dubaiAre you looking or a cost-effective storage options in Dubai

An international move involves a lot of planning, paperwork and patience. There will be times when you’ll be tested and your frustrations may reach a peak. However, the best way to handle all the hurdles that come with an international relocation from Dubai is to be well prepared and do your research by talking to the professionals at Allied for their expert advice. 

If complications arise and you’re not able to ship all your belongings from the United Arab Emirates in the one go, you’re safer moving them to a secure Dubai storage facility than you are asking your landlord to hold onto them. 

What to Look for in a Storage Facility

1. Security

During a move, you’re pretty much handing over 100% trust to the mover you’ve hired, so you want to be sure your belongings are safe. Finding the best storage option is the same as hiring a removalist, in that, you get what you pay for. Cheap often means they cut costs to maintain budgets, which could range from no personal security onsite to storage containers that are exposed to the elements, without any climate control. 

Look for a storage facility that provides full security. Do they have CCTV cameras on the premises? What is their degree of accessibility? Do they have 24-hour access at their warehouse? Are they open on weekends and holidays? Do they have manned storage facilities? 

2. Cost-Effective

The cost of a storage unit varies, and it usually depends on the number of items you wish to store as well as the duration of time you want your belongings stored. 

Be sure to obtain a quote, read the fine print, and ask all the necessary questions before you rent the container. 

Allied offers affordable storage units in Dubai, plus delivery to your new home overseas when you’re ready for the items to be shipped. 

3. Climate-Controlled Premises 

Renting a properly ventilated Dubai storage unit helps further safeguard your belongings. If you are storing electronics, clothes, paper files, artworks, or antiques, a climate-controlled warehouse will guarantee they are protected against humidity or extreme temperatures and helps prevent mould and mildew from forming.

4. Testimonials

Take time to sift through customer reviews before you commit. Ask for referrals from friends and search online for reviews of UAE storage specialists

Allied has been serving countless families and businesses all over the world, providing cost-effective ways to store furniture, office supplies, and valuables. We have been recognised as the Best International Moving Company in the Asia Pacific in 2017, and International Moving Company of the Year Award in 2016. To learn more about Allied's cost-efficient storage facility, call us on (971) 4 818 0400 for further details.