Moving furniture to the United Arab Emirates?


When work requires you to move to the UAE for promising career growth, it’s an opportunity that’s almost impossible to say no to. This could consequently mean living in the Emirates for a long period of time. Your relocation is likely to be full of adventure, especially if you get to know the local expat community and find you have a home away from home. If you’re wondering how you’re going to furnish your new home, shipping your furniture can be more economical than selling up and having to worry about the time and cost of buying new possessions when you arrive.

When moving furniture to the United Arab Emirates (or anywhere in the world), contact professional international removalists Allied so they can tell you what you can and cannot ship.

Transporting your belongings can eat up a lot of your time. If you are not experienced, incorrect packing can lead to furniture damage. Your mover can assist you with packing and packaging materials so plan to contact them well ahead of your move – at least 6 weeks in advance, preferably 3 months.


Allied has been working for families, companies and individuals for more than 400 years, making us a world leader in international relocations. Through our vast experience, we don’t compromise on the security of your property and we aim to understand the specialist needs of each and every customer.

We also understand that relocating your home requires a lot of energy, so we are here to lift the heaviest load off your shoulders – furniture relocation.

If you’re finding it difficult to decide what furniture to move and which pieces to leave, there are 2 things to consider: sentimental value and the practical value. Ship your personal belongings i.e. clothes, shoes, handbags and even your dresser. It normally costs relatively little to ship your wardrobe. Move your mattress and chairs, too, so you have somewhere to sleep and somewhere to sit. Did you know that mattresses are the most common item being shipped by moving companies?

Whatever queries you might have, Allied Pickford’s multilingual consultants are ready provide useful advice. 

Considering the culture and tradition of the Emirates, it is important to understand the guidelines relating to customs clearance for your personal items and household goods before you leave to avoid any mishaps at the airport.

Moving furniture to or from  the United Arab Emirates can be relatively stress-free if you plan early. This way you can plan to sell, keep or store certain goods so you have less to ship when the time comes. Allied guarantees the security of your furniture by offering moving insurance to cover your items in the unlikely chance they are damaged. Contact Allied for your furniture moving quote to the UAE.



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