Order in the House! Prepare your Home for Moving Day

You may have thought about it for months or even years, but when the day comes to move from the United Arab Emirates for an international adventure, moving house comes with the chance of many surprises. Whether you’re stickler for planning your move right down to the last box or you’re more relaxed about moving day, you’ll need a plan to prioritise what is going with you and what is left behind. You’ll need to include your family in the moving process as well. After all, it's you who's moving home, not just your wardrobe and your possessions.

Less is More

Moving from the UAE is a great time to get rid of items you don't need. You might have toys from your kids' earlier years, which are taking up precious cupboard space. Although it may not be easy to let certain items go, especially if they’re attached to special memories, but moving to a new country is probably the best chance you have of disposing of such things and making a fresh start in your new home. For tips on how to prepare your children for an international move read our helpful article.

Decluttering your living spaces is a cathartic process that can give you a sense of clarity. Having less mess around you often lifts your mood.

There are numerous ways to recycle, such as recycling centres, charities and voluntary organisations, which will be grateful of your leftovers. By planning ahead, you may even make some money by advertising your pre-loved belongings online or via social media selling sites that deal in second-hand products. For every parcel you dispatch, you have the reassurance of money coming in and clutter going out.

Be Prepared

Your movers will need access to your property. If you are leaving any items behind, do not leave them in access areas like the hallway. Make arrangements for any obstacles to be removed on the day of your move. This is especially important for international relocations, as time is of the essence.

With an experienced, professional moving company such as Allied Pickfords, you can be assured your belongings will make it to their destination. This means packing and moving your household possessions into a shipping container. You can discuss transit insurance with your mover if you’re concerned about any loss or damage of items.

Avoid unnecessary hassles by decluttering your home in plenty of time before your move as this will help you know what to pack and how many boxes you’ll require.

Shipping schedules can be very tight therefore, if you miss your packing deadline you may incur extra fees due to goods not being delivered on time. So don’t leave anything until the last minute, other than the final box that will house any essential items you used the night before the move.

Ask The Experts

There are many ways to help prepare for your move. Ask the international moving experts at Allied Pickfords by contacting us on (971) 4 818 0400.


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