Preparing a Move from Dubai to India


Throughout the years, Dubai has been a home for many expats – many various families from around the world being able to live prosperously – but when it comes to moving internationally, you may be dependent upon the local economy. While you can start planning your move by contacting Allied professional movers and packers, if you’re moving from Dubai you may find India a significant cultural challenge. 

If you’re preparing for a move from Dubia to India, you need to ask yourself and your family, “are you physically and emotionally ready?” Have you drafted a long-term career plan? You may find moving for an international company allows you to maintain the same sort of income as you were earning in Dubai. As somebody living in Dubai and relocating to India, setting your career ladder is essential in starting anew. 

Below are the top things to do when preparing for your move to India. 

1. Foreigners visiting India require a visa, although the rules vary from one country to another. There are only 3 countries allowed to enter visa-free, provided that the entry point is not from mainland China. These are Bhutan, the Maldives and Nepal. However, India grants 180 countries visa upon arrival. You can check this guide to help you with the visa application and processing.

2. Pack wisely. Segregate the clutter from the items you really need. You can either sell or donate the belongings you don’t really need. There are plenty of online buyers that would gladly accept your second-hand furniture. Are you planning to ship your car, which needs to be of a certain age in able to do this? Acquire an import licence and an active insurance policy. You should also provide your car registration with the vehicle’s date of purchase, plus the original invoice from the manufacturer. Moving your car will also incur applicable taxes. To save time and headache, you can contact Allied to help you with your import. If you are unable to ship your car to India, you’ll probably want to sell it before leaving. 

3. Whether you are an expat leaving Dubai or an Indian going home, remember to settle your rental contract and loans. A word of advice, never leave the country with outstanding debts as this can get you into trouble with Emirate immigration. Arrange the specifics of your rental contract with your landlord. Close your DU/Etisalat subscriptions and close your bank accounts. Remember to transfer your money to your bank in India. Request a bank clearance and keep a copy for your records.

4. Hire professional movers and packers in Dubai, such as Allied so they can take care of the heavy-duty work and leave you to attend to more important items, such as legal documents. 

5. Prepare your children emotionally and mentally. Moving usually takes the greatest toll on your kids, depending on their ages. Separation anxiety may kick in and it might take some time for your children to adjust to the new environment, especially if they have lived in Dubai most of their lives. 

6. Secure your children’s education. Start looking for good schools around the area you intend to live. Keep all your children’s credentials in one place so you don’t have to go searching in your packing boxes at the last minute. 

If diversity is what you enjoyed in Dubai, diversity is what you will find in India, too. Relocating can be fun if you give yourself ample time to prepare. A professional international relocation company such as Allied can help make the move a lot easier. Trust the world’s most reliable movers and packers when you leave Dubai and you’ll soon find India the exotic adventure you’ve been waiting for.

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