The Importance of Insurance when Shipping Your Goods Overseas

If you are relocating between countries, getting the right moving insurance is absolutely vital. You simply cannot afford to take the risk of something going missing or being damaged during your move. International travel is regarded as a fact of life by many of us, but it involves an array of complicated procedures. If you are moving home from the United Arab Emirates, you want to make sure either your possessions or their replacements will be ready for you when you get there.

Insurance for International Relocations

Not surprisingly, international insurance for household goods is an industry in itself. With more and more people moving around the world to find work or in search of adventure or to provide their children with greater opportunities, goods are transported from the UAE in ever growing quantities. Probably just as unsurprisingly, the more goods and belongings being moved, the more risk of something going missing or being damaged in the process.

Insuring your household goods is the only way to ensure your move from the UAE is covered. Whether there is electrical interference that damages your delicate technology or gaming console or some bumps and bashes on a rocky journey that crack your best china, you can lessen the harm with the right insurance.

Personal content insurance policies do not cover international airspace or sea lanes. However, if you take out the right international insurance policy, you can protect your possessions for the duration of their transit.

If you are leaving the Emirates, chances are you will have a long way to travel before you reach your new home. Perhaps you will have to cross borders that are not the easiest to negotiate. At any point in the process, your goods could become vulnerable, therefore making it more important you hire a world-renowned and professionally proven international mover, such as Allied, in order to help keep your goods safely contained.

Means of Cover

To ease the stress of your move, Allied offer their own in-house protection program to cover your precious goods in the event of something going wrong during your international relocation. Not only does this cut out an additional party in your move, but we can also design a protection package to suit your needs and your budget.  By having an in-house program, you can be assured that any claims are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

The most comprehensive cover is Lump Sum Coverage. By choosing this, you place your belongings into the hands of moving professionals before you go anywhere. They will guarantee the integrity of everything they pack from door to door. This option is the best value for money as it provides the best assurance that many families value.

Justly named Inventory Insurance, so you specify exactly what you want insured against damage or loss. This might suit you if you have certain valuables that are more important to you than general furniture or belongings. It is often not as expensive as Lump Sum insurance but only covers those items specified.

Beware of “Under Insuring”

When considering insurance options, be careful to avoid under insuring your goods.  It is important to consider the cost of replacing your lost/damaged goods as new in your destination country.

Professionally accredited moving companies like Allied pack your goods at the highest of international standards, however accidents out of the control of the removalist – like a container being lost in rough seas, or a container being dropped at port – can occur.  If the worst does happen, you can be prepared to replace your goods and not be out pocket if you have adequate coverage.

Take Cover

For more details about what type of international moving insurance would suit you best, talk to the experts at Allied so they can cater a Protection Program to suit your needs. Visit our website or call us on (971) 4 818 0400.


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