Things to Do and See in UAE Before you Leave

If you've decided to make the move and repatriate from the United Arab Emirates, there are memories you should take with you. It can’t be an easy decision to leave this unique and beautiful part of the world, especially if you've lived here for some time. Just in case you’ve not managed to tick off all the sites or activities you had planned to do in the Emirates, here are some of the things you should take in before moving from the UAE. You may even find some surprises on the list.

Leading Edge

As time moves on, the UAE is developing to make more of its natural assets. Oil and gas have provided wealth for the region but are of course finite resources. The Emirate’s economic and geographic position gives it the chance to build for the future in other ways.

The Dubai Frame is one of the latest world wonders that has been created out of the desert landscape. A unique feature, the monument represents an arch over the old and new cities, bridging the past with the future. Designed by renowned architect Fernando Dondis, who has given his touch to other local achievements, gives the chance to see a panorama of the city and the wider region unlike any other monument. There is a ground-floor museum to show how Dubai has grown from a simple fishing village into the modern wonder it is today.

The UAE has developed and invested in ground-breaking technology and cultural contributions. As part of this, Dubai is home to a branch of the internationally famous M.A.D. art gallery installations. The gallery spaces exhibit the most amazing technological advances as works of art, and vice versa. There are contributions from artists from all over the globe, who recognise Dubai as an international cultural hub.

Melting Pot

Before moving from Dubai, make sure you've sampled the best of the local and imported ethnic cuisines. With an eclectic ethnic mix, the city has attained a level of international cuisine from all over Asia, Africa and Europe. There are dishes available from the oldest traditions to the newest fusions of flavours.

One of the most famous international restaurants in Dubai is the Pak Liyari. If you haven't already tasted its fabulous Pakistani cuisines, famous throughout the city and the wider region, you’re in for a real treat.

Pak Liyari is testament to the contribution of Pakistani workers, residents and business owners throughout the UAE. It also makes fantastic Biryani, kebabs and other authentic dishes.

For the more adventurous, before you move from Dubai, you must experience Zero Gravity. This is an exclusive fixture in world architecture as well as one of the coolest places to hang out. It is beside the Skydive Dubai Drop Zone, a popular attraction for adventurers from all over the world. It also has a beach club and the most amazing swimming pool.

Before you Go

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