Top 5 Things to Consider when Moving to Dubai

So, you have plans of moving to Dubai?

You have probably heard many things about Dubai; it’s majestic desert landscape, rich culture, diverse community and luxurious lifestyle. With a CV like that, who wouldn’t want to experience the life that this Emirate has to offer?

Culture shock is a thing of the past because Dubai will make you feel as if you haven’t left home. If you’re worried about the language barrier between your native tongue and Arabic, don’t over-think it. It is easy to make new friends as the majority of the population can speak decent English. With good food, fantastic entertainment and friendly people, Dubai is always ready to embrace you to help you feel at ease.

Despite worrying about how hot the summers can be in the Middle East, here are the Top 5 things you need to consider when moving to Dubai.

Job Opportunities

People of some nationalities can enter the UAE without prior arrangements through a 30-day visit visa. If you are looking for a potential career in this Emirate, you have at least 1 month to search for employment. Finding a job in Dubai can be tough sometimes, especially because of the recent trade blockade, which occurred between its fellow gulf countries. Be sure to send your CV online months prior to travelling to Dubai. Job sites like Bayt, Naukrigulf, Indeed, GulfTalent, and LinkedIn can help you with your job hunt.


If you are travelling with your children, make sure you are familiar with the nearby schools/colleges/universities. Do your research and check what the requirements for admission are. Plan early to be able to compare tuition fees and payment schedules. Remember to have your child’s birth certificate translated and authenticated from your own embassy/consulate.  Allied can offer a School Search Program for assignees through its relocation arm SIRVA.

Moving Your Furniture

The easiest (and the hardest) part of moving is probably planning what to bring and what to leave behind. Plan as early as possible and make a checklist. If you are considering to move a good number of your belongings, it is advisable to hire a professional international moving company, such as Allied, which will do these for you as seamlessly as possible.


If you are moving to Dubai for work, have your highest qualifications attested. This is one of the requirements you need to submit to your sponsor company or employer to process your working visa. Although there are agencies that could do these for you, it is better to come to Dubai prepared. Do the same with your marriage certificate as the UAE does not allow unmarried couples to stay together under one roof.

Cost of Living

The UAE’s Minister of State for Financial Affairs has implemented VAT at the rate of 5% in January 1, 2018, and because Dubai is packed with restaurants, malls and recreational areas, it could really challenge your budgeting skills. Make yourself aware of the average cost of living so you can plan ahead for yourself and your family.

If the truth be told, moving to Dubai (or to any other foreign country) is not easy, especially the process of adapting to a whole new environment. Prepare yourself and your family physically, mentally, and emotionally. Plan early and brace yourself for an exciting adventure.

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