What to Expect on Moving Day

Even after you've chosen an experienced company for international relocations, such as Allied UAE, there are still a lot of things to consider before the day of your actual move. The planning process is likely to be stressful and emotional, therefore taking care of practicalities will help the day go more smoothly. The team of professional movers at Allied UAE know the ins and outs of uprooting families from the United Arab Emirates and therefore take the best care of everyone involved. Yet it still pays to be prepared. 

Try to Remain Calm

Moving home – especially internationally – is likely to come with it’s own set of unique complications. This may be something as simple as a scratched skirting board or a snapped key to you old lock. Reduce the risk of something going wrong by talking to the team at Allied; you can also discuss moving insurance if you’re worried something may go missing or be damaged in the moving process. The trick is to take it in your stride.

All the reasons you chose to move in the first place will still hold true on moving day. You may need to remind yourself of these, so make a list for everyone in your family. Then, if and when something minor happens, it won't be the end of the world.

You will, of course, need to be prepared for the thought of strangers coming into your home and starting to take away your possessions. One way to help alleviate the emotions is to talk to Allied, which can allocate a personal moving consultant to discuss all the moving day operations with you. 

Last Minute

If you are moving from the UAE, Allied has a wealth of expertise moving families from high-rise buildings. Take a look out of the window and enjoy your final glimpses of the city you’ve made your home for a while, whether it be Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or elsewhere in The Emirates.

There will inevitably be disruption, yet you can protect yourself from the worst by preparing an inventory. You may also want to organise for certain members of your family, especially the younger ones, to be out of the way rather than trying to ‘help’ and leave it to the professionals.

Make it Easy

If you're moving from Abu Dhabi or any other city within The Emirates, you need the best advice and help. There is a superb infrastructure in the region, which is the envy of the world. All of this helps to make your move as smooth as possible.

For more expert advice, talk to the team at Allied on +971. 4.818.0400 or get more information on our website.


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