Why Expats Prefer this Relocation Company in Dubai.

Are you looking for a professional relocation company in Dubai?  Allied Pickfords is an international moving company that has earned its reputation by its amassed years of experience. Having served numerous families with extensive expertise for more than 4 centuries, Allied has grown the satisfied customer base it owns today.

When moving domestically or internationally, don’t just settle for any relocation company. There are many points to consider in hiring a professional mover because, at the end of the day, it is all about the security of your belongings.

Why Expats Prefer this Relocation Company in Dubai

  1. Experience

    Allied Pickfords offers logistic services that have grown out of more than 400 years of moving experience. Our services have extended to more than 600 locations in over 40 countries. We have assisted a wide range of diverse clients from homeowners to businesspeople. Allied Pickford’s professionalism, values and impeccable service have earned us the International Moving Company of the Year Award.

  2. Assurance

    Allied Pickfords allocates each customer with a personal move coordinator. He/she will act as your point of contact and can helpfully answer your queries as well as provide you with updates from time to time.

    Your valued possessions are in superior hands because Allied Pickfords only uses heavy-duty shipping equipment and reliable packing tools. This ensures your belongings are securely loaded and shipped then safely unloaded at your chosen destination. We provide specialist furniture services, so even your most fragile or valuable belongings are in good hands. 

  3. Excellent Storage Facility

    Sometimes, when things don’t usually go as planned, you might have to ask your mover to store your furniture for a period of time. A good international removalist will provide storage facilities in the case of logistics going awry. Whether short-term or long-term, Allied Pickfords has your moving solution.

  4. Impeccable Customer Service

    Communication plays an important role in ensuring a good working relationship. Effective communication also improves the efficiency of negotiation. Allied Pickfords has a diverse and professional workforce that is proven to make your move more seamless.

  5. Cleaning Services (and a Handyman!)

Relocation doesn’t stop when your furniture is unloaded. It includes the successful rearranging your belongings in your new home. When looking for a relocation company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Allied Pickfords can also help you with basic home maintenance, such as cleaning, furniture assembly or hanging pictures on the walls.

More than anything else, a reliable relocation company should have a single goal: to make customer transition as easy and stress-free as possible. Relocating goes beyond the simple packing and unpacking of goods. Allied Pickfords provides a wide range of relocation services all around UAE, from employee relocation services to pet relocation. All you have to do is contact us to obtain a free quote to start your international relocation process.





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